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Legacy in Motion

Our History

Pioneering a Vision of Synergised Financial Excellence, rooted in collaborative strengths and services.

Origins and Evolution

The Financial Empowerment Journey

Inspired by industry trends and the success of competitors who had already embraced shared services, the Hirdaramani Group saw the potential benefits of centralising financial functions. This included cost savings, improved operational efficiency, and better resource allocation. As a result, H-Connect was established as a collaborative effort between the finance teams of each business unit and the shared services team.

As an integral part of the group, our establishment in 2012 aligned with the Group's expansion and diversification efforts. From our humble beginnings with just eight employees, our team has experienced exponential growth to currently comprise more than 140 highly skilled individuals, with the primary goal of empowering finance teams to focus on value-added activities such as forecasting, analysis, and financial planning.

With a strong emphasis on end-to-end financial processes, we have firmly established ourselves as the financial powerhouse of the Hirdaramani Group, playing a critical role in centralising and overseeing all financial operations across various sectors of the group.

Leveraging the rich 125-year legacy of the Hirdaramani group, a billion-dollar conglomerate, H-Connect stands as a dynamic process hub, serving as a premier Shared Services Solutions provider in Sri Lanka.

We are geared towards fostering a collaborative atmosphere, promoting the integration of finance with shared services. This collaboration emphasises collective strength rather than internal competition, optimising resource allocation and empowering finance professionals to contribute their expertise to strategic initiatives that propel business growth.

H-Connect's Growth Milestones in a Glance

Charting Success


The Birth of H-Connect


Transfer of Apparel Sector Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation and Accounts Receivable Finance Processes


Transfer of Non - Apparel Sector Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation and Accounts Receivable Finance Processes


Transition of embellishment plant processes, apparel GL, MA, Tax and Treasury, initiation of financial services for Ethiopian factory operations and Bronze winner for Best Shared Services team at SSON Excellence Awards.


Silver winner for Best Shared Services team at SSON Excellence Awards


Bronze winner for Excellence in Culture creation at SSON Excellence Awards


Completion of RPA proof of concept, and transition of Ethiopia finance AP and GL processes.


H-Connect Wins Gold under the medium Category at the Sri Lanka Corporate Health and Productivity Awards.

Won the 3rd place in We love our workplace video contest organised by GPTW Sri Lanka.


Obtained the Great Place to Work Certification, transition of Knit ERP and Woven ERP, won best IT/ITES workplace in Sri Lanka and was placed among the best 40 workplaces in Sri Lanka.


Transition of Bangladesh Finance, obtained Great Place to Work certification, was placed among the best workplaces in Asia, best IT/ITES workplaces in Sri Lanka and best 40 workplaces in Sri Lanka.


Great Place to Work Certification 2022 for the third consecutive year

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