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Workflow Perfection


The nucleus of operational efficiency and project oversight, where precision and process refinement take centre stage.


SLA Review


Corrective and Preventive

Quality Audits

Catalysing Superior Project Management and Process Refinement: H-Connect PMO/PE Services

Our PMO (Project Management Operations) and Process Excellence (PE) services are the pillars of efficient project governance, meticulous process evaluation, and quality enhancement.

PMO Services

Establishing and managing a centralised PMO involves meticulous project planning, scheduling and robust performance tracking. Our PMO team thoroughly assesses procedures, reviews implementations, and provides crucial updates to the management, ensuring successful project delivery.


Conducting projects/transitions to improve efficiency and accuracy of identified processes, ensuring stakeholder follow-up.

SLA Review

Amending SLAs with process changes and carrying out periodic reviews.


Engaging in automation projects to achieve expected outcomes, working closely with stakeholders.

Process Excellence

We meticulously monitor departmental performance against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) Registry, recording and implementing effective, corrective and preventive actions, aiming to exceed customer satisfaction.

SLA Review

Monitoring and escalating SLA achievements to management and customers, ensuring all SLAs are diligently monitored and timely reports are shared.

Corrective and Preventive Actions

Maintaining accurate records, reviewing reports, and ensuring effective implementation of suggested corrective and preventive actions.

Quality Audits

Conducting necessary quality audits to enhance the identified processes' quality.

These services are designed to enhance project governance, ensure high-quality standards, and drive efficiency across the organisation. H-Connect is a world where your projects thrive and processes evolve towards perfection.

Demystifying the Unknown


H-Connect's PMO and PE services are designed to ensure efficient project governance, meticulous process evaluation, and enhancement of quality. The PMO team establishes and manages a centralised PMO, conducts projects/transitions, reviews SLAs, engages in automation initiatives, and monitors and improves departmental performance.

H-Connect's SLA review service involves amending SLAs with process changes, conducting periodic reviews, monitoring and escalating SLA achievements to management and customers, and ensuring diligent monitoring and timely reports.

H-Connect maintains accurate records, reviews reports, and ensures effective implementation of suggested corrective and preventive actions. They aim to exceed customer satisfaction and enhance the quality of identified processes through CAPA.

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